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And the journey does continue... but now with different people walking alongside.

Pastor Tim and Ruth are settling into retirement and the church is looking ahead to its future. Following Presbyterian procedure there is an Interim Pastor Search Committee searching for the right person to lead the church through this time of transition. Once the Interim is in place then a new committee will be formed to begin the search throughout the country for a new permanent Pastor. There will be a Congregational study to see who we are as a congregation, what our wants and needs are and what kind of person will be the right fit. Lots of changes for this congregation.


I am here as a "bridge" or "temporary" pastor to keep things running smoothly until an Interim is hired. To insure that our journey as a church continues. There has been a big change with a pastor leaving after 23 years but even without that familiar face we can keep the daily ministry of the church running smoothly and see things getting done. Whoever is sitting at the desk is there to care for the whole congregation; its cares, its needs, its personal concerns, its worship, its challenges and its relationship with God. Until an Interim is called there are numerous Pastors from our Presbytery coming to share the message in a variety of styles.


So things continue to happen as usual. On September 10th, the fall season will have a Picnic kick-off celebration to welcome the choir back into worship, to see the start of new Bible Studies and classes and for the children to begin an exciting new program. We look forward to World Communion Sunday on October 1 when we share our diverse backgrounds and pile our Communion table with breads from many lands. On October 29 we celebrate with Reformed churches around the world the 500th anniversary of the movement begun by Martin Luther that became the Reformation. The bagpipe and organ duet is amazing! And in the background the searches will continue.


It is my great joy to serve as your temporary pastor. Having been part of this congregation for 40 years in many roles I feel very personally connected to each person and each program here. As a Pastor I pray for this congregation and ask God's blessings on you individually and communally.

Rev. Sharon Yagerlener


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