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The letter of Ephesians has always stood out to many over the years as such a majestic, sweeping document and witness to the grandeur of God and the saving work of Christ and how God's plan has brought the church to the world as his primary partner in reconciling His creation. We will detail how God has made this come about (chapters 1-3) and how the church is now called to carry out this high calling (chapters 4-6). It's time to come together!


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A Special Note From Pastor Tim

My Dear Friends and Members of PCC;

By now most of you have heard that Ruth and I have come to the decision, after a great deal of prayer and reflection that it is God's time for us to step into retirement and for me to end my years of service at the Church of the Covenant. This will clear the way for the bright future of God's adventure to unfold for our congregation.



This decision has been some time in the making and difficult, only because we feel so much a part of your lives and because I truly enjoy all that I do as the pastor here. But even good things must one day come to an end and so we will be parting ways as of the end of June. The timing is important for all of us in that PCC will then be able to begin the process of transition and possibly have an interim pastor in place by summer's end.



As well, our presbytery officials and leaders have been in on our conversations and now have met with the Session to begin planning for this transition. This will be a time of change and it has all the earmarks of a significant opportunity for growth in every case.



The constitutional orders of the Presbyterian church call for me to make it a clean break which will allow the process to go forward without any hindrance that my presence might bring. Therefore, at that time, it will be necessary to me to step away and no longer able to provide any pastoral leadership at PCC. That said, there will be very gifted and capable people on hand to cover pastoral care and worship leadership until such time as an interim pastor can be secured.


We will all have to be committed to make this happen so God can lead our Session and staff into a new chapter of congregational life and mission just ahead.



I have previously agreed to lead a trip to the middle east and Syria as moderator of the Syria-Lebanon Partnership Network, so I will be away from May 22 – June 3. Other than that, I will be around and looking forward to seeing you. Let's work together to make these final weeks the best possible celebration of God's true faithfulness to us over these many years.



May God continue to bless you and all who are part of the family of the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant.



In the Grace of God,



Pastor Tim


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